ARDELL Natural Individuals [Knotted]


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Natural Individuals [Knotted]


Silky soft DuraLash individual lashes are the closest thing to natural lashes ever developed! These expertly crafted knot-free individual lashes are permanently curled, easy to apply, and comfortable to wear. They're so natural you might forget they're not your own!

  • Contains 56 lashes and are available in Flare and Naturals styles and come in black and short medium and long-lengths.
  • Create your own custom lash look
  • Use more for a full look, less for just some accents or to simply fill in gaps
  • Knotted
  • 10 strands per individual cluster
  • Apply with strip lash adhesive for one day wear or individual lash adhesive for up to 2 weeks of wear

(Barcode: 074764301109, 074764302106, 074764303103)

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