SENSE FRESH Quick Hand Sanitizer Swabs (20pcs/Pack)

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Quick Hand Sanitizer Swabs


  • Sanitizing wipe Kills 99.99% harmful germs within 30 seconds.
  • Contains Ethyl Alcohol 70% (most effective antimicrobial) eliminates all possible germs and bacteria Travel convenience Convenient travel size (6.5x10.5cm individual packs)
  • Easily fit in your pocket or purse Individual package Individually wrapped in 4 layers of aluminum package keeps the product from drying and preserve its effectiveness for long time Moisturizing Contains triple moisturizing ingredients such as aloe and glycerin to keep your hand moisturized even with repeated use.
  • Health Canada & FDA Approved Health Canada & FDA Approved for safety assurance in USA and Canada

(Barcode: 8809412081384)

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