CHARMZONE DeAge Red-Addition Control Cream (180ml)


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DeAge Red-Addition Control Cream


  • CHARMZONE DeAge Red-Addition - First released in 2004 after years of researching and harnessing the powerful benefits of red energy.
  • Top Quality Wine from France & Spain - 2 wines regarded as the finest in the world has been combined to enhance the firming effect of polyphend.
  • Upgraded Red Food Energy - CRD-2 and CRD-10 have been enhanced to provide upgraded red energy firming care.
    • CRD-2 is comprised of 4 red foods - red wine, pomegranate, mulberry, and tomato - that are high in polyphenol, estrogen, and other compounds well known for their anti-aging and firming properties. 
    • CRD-10 contains premium A.O.C. ranked wine from Bordeaux, the world's largest fine wine producing region. Polyphenol found in red wine and 9 red foods - mulberry, beet, raspberry, pomegranate, tomato, cherry, apple, watermelon, strawberry - enhance the condition of tired and loose skin.
  • Rich Texture - The dense texture is full of rich nutrients for smooth and firm skin.
  • Premium Floral Fragrance - Enjoy the soft and refreshing scent, adding a touch of sensory delight to your daliy life.
  • Hypoallergenic Tested - All products have completed skin hypoallergenic test and are suitable for use on sensitive skin.

How to Use

  • After washing and towel-drying the face, evenly apply an appropriate amount on the face and leave it on for 2-3 minutes. When water is formed, massage the face and wipe off tissue.

(Barcode: 8803328177292)

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