FROMM 4-Sided Rotating DISPLAY


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4-Sided Rotating DISPLAY 


  • 4-sided rotating merchandiser display featuring Color Studio, Style Artistry, Shear Artistry and Apparel Studio Includes 52 unique SKUs.
  • Dimensions: 71" (H) x 21" (W) x 21" (D)


  • Soft Color Brushes, Soft Pintail Color Brush, Feather Color Brushes, Firm Color Brush, Whisk & Spatula Set, Color Mixing Bowl Set,  Applicator Bottle, Embossed Pop Up Foil
  • Elite Polisher Boar Bristle Brush, Elite Flexer Vent Brush, Elite Thermal Ceramic Ionic Round Brush, Heat Duo Copper Thermal Round Brush, Limitless Carbon Comb, Volume Ceramic Hair Rollers, Soft Matte Gator Clips, Rubberized Grip Hair Clips
  • Explore Hair Cutting (5.75") , Transform Hair Cutting (5.25'', 5.75''), Invent Hair Cutting (5.75''), Dare Hair Cutting (5.75''), Defy Hair Cutting (5.75''), Invent Barber Shear (7.25'')
  • Client Cover Up Robe, Client Hairstyling Cape, Client Shampoo Cape, Client All Purpose Salon Cape, Client Barber Cape, Kids Hairstyling Cape

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