3JALBI Handy Broom and Dustpan


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Handy Broom and Dustpan

Handy-type 3JALBI, with the brand's first Handy Dustpan

Handy JALBI with the patented quadruple blades and Handy Dustpan with the all-new folding function for better practicality can sweep and collect dust, cookie crumbs, spilled liquids and even hidden pet hair on the carpet. The product has been upgraded with new materials.

Handy JALBI Product characteristics

  • Upgrade on 3JALBI?s advantage of wide availability with fused performance of 3 cleaner types, scraper+wiper+broom
  • The scraper, made of POE materials synthesized with premium TPE that has completed safety tests against 26 harmful substances, generates high-quality static electricity
  • The special frame uses POE materials synthesized with high-elastic plastic for handling dust that flies away due to high-quality static electricity
  • Special frame of honeycomb structure that absorbs shock and catches even splashes of water during cleaning
  • Perfectly symmetrical, streamlined handle adds strength to the grip

Handy Dustpan product characteristics

  • Folding dustpan with the all-new depth adjustment function for storage and practicality
  • Better durability with the uniform, highly-elastic plastic material applied all over
  • The sleek edge maximizes floor adhesion, and the finely designed 5mm bump prevents contaminants from falling over

Two-way cover product characteristics

  • Special accessory of Handy JALBI set that can be used as a multi-type to store the set or mount it on the holder
  • Can be used as a custom cover to protect the edge of the Handy Dustpan during storage
  • Can be used as a custom stand with two center holes to adjust the angle


  • 180mmX280mm / Weight 390g / Package : Handy JALBI+Handy Dustpan+Two way cover
  • Handy JALBI Size : 180mmX280mm / Weight 140g
  • Handy Dustpan Size : (area : 300?) / Weight 170g
  • Two way cover : 80g

(Barcode: 829534998986)

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