ARMOR ALL Wipes 4 Pack (Total 115 wipes)


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  • Orange Cleaning Wipes: Multi-purpose cleaning wipe with natural orange degreasers powers out tough dirt; Safe on all auto surfaces; Lint free with a great orange smell
  •  Glass Cleaner Wipes: One-step glass cleaning, great for fingerprints; Removes film and grime on glass; Specially formulated with just the right amount of moisture to clean glass and leave it streak free; Ammonia-free (unlike many glass cleaners) makes it safe for tinted windows
  • Cleaning Wipes: One-step cleaning, great for dust; Safe for all auto surfaces; Quick and easy way to clean tough, ground-in dirt without drying out, damaging or fading; A one-stop solution for all your cleaning needs
  • Protectant Wipes: One-step protection, great for touch-ups; Protects vinyl, rubber and plastic; Guards against fading and cracking; Restores new look instantly; Non-toxic, contains no alcohol or solvents; Makes the surfaces anti-static to repel dust and dirt; Patented formula

(Barcode: 067788108816)

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